You need an expert to give you an external vision adapted
to your channel

You wish to collaborate with your channel experts

You want
to develop the openmerchandising

Actes d’Achats translate the shopper path and the offer into practical tools. Actes d’Achats guide you in a 360° operational vision Actes d’Achats brings you an innovative strategy with an based on ROI


openmerchandising is the new growth engine for merchandising and category management strategies

It is based on the knowledge Actes d’Achats has built working across 250 brands over more than 27 years

openmerchandising, it is

Creating a better understanding of the multichannel shoppers and including the retail stakes to build pragmatic solutions

Build your shopper decision tree and your online/offline assortment

An exclusivity from Actes d’Achats that provides to understanding of the drivers of you category